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Burn Accidents

When You’ve Been Burned

New Orleans Burn Injury Lawyer

Every year approximately half a million people receive medical treatment for burn injuries.* Although most people associate the word “burn” with fire or heat, there are actually numerous causes of severe burns, including:

  • Heat Burns, including those caused by fire and scalding liquids
  • Cold-temperature burns
  • Electric burns
  • Chemical burns, including burns caused by household chemicals
  • Radiation burns

Burns can have a severe and lasting impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Even non-fatal burns can be some of the most painful non-fatal injuries. The most serious burns are third degree burns, which destroy every layer of skin, but there are also first and second degree burns, which are less severe. Burns often happening in the following circumstances:

  • Car accidents, and other on the road accidents
  • Fires in your home
  • Explosions, such as oil refinery explosions
  • Medical accidents
  • Dangerous products or dangerous installation of products
  • Electrocutions
  • Industrial accidents
  • Exposure to chemicals, such as paint thinner

Aside from immediate pain, burn injuries have many symptoms and complications. Infection, scarring, or even difficulty breathing can indicate burn injury. Especially if untreated, burns can also cause bone and joint problems, blood and fluid loss, or even difficulty regulating your body temperature. If you or a loved one is suffering from a burn, you may be entitled to financial recovery. Gray Law Group is ready to tell you your legal options with a free consultation today.


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